Mission & Vision

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CAFFE's mission and our plans for the future

Our Mission

CAFFE aims to provide practical, vocational skills to young people from low-income households. Our goal is to supplement the national curriculum of Bangladesh by teaching skills which can lead to improving our students' employment or income generating opportunities. Our curriculum focus is on tech and creative areas such as graphic design, game development, web development, tailoring and cooking. With these skills, students can either find employment with local companies, work online or even start their own micro-business.

Students outside CAFFE

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Students outside CAFFE

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Our Future Plans

CAFFE's future plans are centred around creating viable earning and work experience opportunites for our students by creating our own small businesses. We plan to open a training cafe for cooking students; an online clothes store for tailoring students and a software studio for coding and graphic design students. This will enable students to gain real-world work experience while earning an income. Students will then be in a good postion to move into positions with other companies or to start their own business.

In 2020, Dhaka ranked as the second most polluted capital city globally. Dhaka is also the fourth least liveable city in the world, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit. The WHO estimates that outdoor air pollution kills an estimated 108,000 Bangladesh residents every year

Dhaka accounts for 48% of all jobs in Bangladesh

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Away from Dhaka

Bangladesh and its people have huge potential, however, concentrating all of the most exciting and lucrative opportunities in Dhaka is not the way forward. In the long-term, we hope to become a hub for creative and tech activity in Sylhet. We will do this by establishing student led communities for software, art and game development where not only CAFFE students but also other young people can meet, discuss and find support. We hope to host game jams, exhibitions and job fairs so that young people can reach their full potential by staying in Sylhet, without having to move to Dhaka.

Students outside CAFFE

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