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It costs approximately £1700 per month to fund CAFFE's activities.

CAFFE's Running Costs

Each month we need around £1500 to cover all our expenses in Bangladesh. Our largest expense is on salaries for our seven members of staff. We then need to cover utility bills (Electricity, Gas and Internet) as well as various costs for class materials such as ingredients for cooking class, fabric for the sewing class and wood for carpentry. We are also putting money into continually imroving CAFFE's new school building.

Students outside CAFFE

Our monthly expenses

The CAFFE Shop

Our main source of funding comes from the CAFFE Charity Shop in Bedford. The shop is staffed entirely by a team of six volunteers and is open Monday to Saturday. We sell a range of items donated from friends, family and the public.

Students outside CAFFE

The CAFFE Shop, Church Arcade, Bedford

Tesco F&F Clothing Donations

We are very fortunate to be supported by Tesco. We receive donations of new and sample clothing from Tesco's F&F clothing range, which we sell at discounted prices in our shop. Tesco's support has been instrumental in providing life-changing opportunites for our students.

Students outside CAFFE

Tesco F&F Clothing